Where Saints & Sinners Curl Like Winners!

Welcome to Las Vegas Curling.

Curling was introduced to Las Vegas about 20 years ago with a tournament at the Paladin Casino. Since then, it has only been available occasionally on your TV screen during the Olympics. After the 2010 Winter Olympics, there were a few enthusiastic people that decided to get Curling to Las Vegas. August 2010, US Curling rolled in town with instructors and equipment to give the locals a taste of Curling, 79 people came out to this event and made it a success. This was followed up with a few smaller session and slowly faded away due to the lack of equipment. October 2011, Sin Sity Spiel starts their first annual curling tournament in Las Vegas, with 34 teams from all over the country and Canada, including a few Olympians and National champions. Sin Sity Spiel dedicated an open house at the tournament for the locals, and this started Las Vegas Curling. Since then, there have been several learn to curl sessions and corporate parties at the Las Vegas Ice Center on Sunday Nights. Come and join us on the Ice.